Untrustworthy Interface

untrustworthy interfaceSo there you are, configuring your router, considering each option carefully. Do you need this feature turned on? What’s the security implications of turning that feature off. You do some research and come up with what you consider to be the optimal configuration for your needs.

But then what? Well normally, your router will perform according to the configuration. Well, at least until you start taking things like bugs into account.

But what if it didn’t? What if your router has an untrustworthy interface? What if it ignores your configuration choices and does what it wants to do? Or even worse, what if a hacker modifies your firmware to what he wants while continuing to show what you want in the configuration screens?

Sounds far fetched? Unfortunately not. There are lots of cases of devices simply ignoring their own configuration options, for instance a Linksys router that insisted on using WiFi Protected Setup even if it was explicitly turned off.

This is why it’s a good idea to check your router’s behavior instead of simply relying on what it says it’s going to do.