ispRouterCheck is an easy way for an ISP’s customers to monitor and anticipate problems on their home networks themselves. This can lower the support costs when dealing with customers.

For ISPs that offer their customers anti-virus products, RouterCheck is an excellent addition to that suite to keep their customers safe. RouterCheck can be branded for the ISP to provide a consistent lok and feel.

ISPs must also deal with the very real problem of being hit with a Hack of Mass Destruction. Since ISPs typically provide the same equipment to all of their customers, launching such an attack is a real possibility for hackers as we’ve seen very many times in the past. By having their customers routinely check their home networks, this threat is greatly lowered if it’s detected early.

In the case where a large number of an ISP’s customers really are hit with a Hack of Mass Destruction, RouterCheck is an ideal way for that ISP to offer easy to use tools to their customers to detect who was and wasn’t affected. Our development team will work with you to quickly add features to check for specific attacks, and can even provide a version translated to another language where necessary.