Hacker Lists

hacker listsHackers often keep lists of targets to share with others of interesting things connected to the internet. These hacker lists typically contain information about computers and devices that are connected to the internet and are easy to break into or have known vulnerabilities and can be compromised easily. Most hackers use these lists for good – to learn about computer security. However, some people can use these lists for nefarious purposes like breaking into your home network to change your settings so that more sensitive information can be stolen later.

The “Mother of all hacker lists” is clearly Shodan, or as CNN calls it, The scariest search engine on the Internet. Shodan provides searches just like Google, but instead of searching for data, Shodan searches for devices. Want to find a Linksys WRT54G router in Japan that uses a default passwords? Don’t go to Google – that’s a search they can’t do. But Shodan can and will find you pages worth of this type of information.

When you use RouterCheck, we’ll check to see if you’re part of these lists.