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RouterCheck now detects the “Kafeine Vulnerability”

Security researcher Kafeine recently discovered a web-based attack tool that hackers have been using to compromise home routers. The attack utilizes Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities that are present in many popular routers. The list of router vendors affected include: ASUS Belkin D-Link Edimax Linksys Medialink Microsoft Netgear Tenda TP-Link Trendnet ZyXEL The attack modifies the […]

Backdoor Found in Linksys Router

A new backdoor was found in the Linksys E4200 router by Jordan Bradley, a security researcher. This vulnerability allows anyone to gain access to the router’s administration interface without the need to login. The vulnerability is simply accessed by pointing a browser to port 8083. Doing so bypasses all authentication procedures and allows you to […]

Linksys/Netgear Backdoor Part 2

Remember the backdoor that was discovered in Linksys and Netgear routers a short time ago? Remember when they fixed it? Not so fast. It turns out that they didn’t fix it, they “fixed” it. Eloi Vanderbeken of Synacktiv Digital Security, the guy who found the original backdoor, has discovered that the “fix” simply hid the original […]


Ever since the discovery of the Linksys “Moon” worm that relies on HNAP, many people have been interested in this protocol. What is it? What is it vulnerable to? HNAP or Home Network Administration Protocol was developed by Pure Networks for their Network Magic product – a system to make managing home networks more easily. This […]

New Linksys Worm: “The Moon”

A new worm that propagates itself from router to router has been discovered by Security researcher Johannes B. Ullrich of the SANS Technology Institute. This Linksys worm was named “The Moon”  because it includes some basic HTML pages with images based on the movie “The Moon”. The worm takes advantage of vulnerabilities in several Linksys products, including  the models: […]

Linksys Remote Admin Enabled

A new and dangerous vulnerability is being reported against certain Linksys routers. Apparently, if the “Classic” interface is being used instead of the newer “Smart” interface, Remote Administration is enabled whether or not it has been enabled in the user interface. This is obviously pretty bad since it will give anyone on the internet an […]

Cisco Connect Cloud Controversy

Cisco Connect Cloud is a service offered by Cisco for some of their Linksys routers. It gives you the ability to manage your Linksys router through the Cisco website by means of “The Cloud”. Everything needs to mention “The Cloud” these days for marketing purposes, but it’s really unclear what advantages such a system has. […]