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Getting Over the Password Hurdle

Getting Over the Password Hurdle

Most hacked routers are attacked because of bad passwords. To celebrate Safer Internet Day on February 9, we bring you this guest blog post from Sticky Password about managing your passwords.  Are passwords a hurdle to you when you’re online? Does your pulse go up at the very thought of having to create and remember another password, or […]

200,000 TP-LINK Routers are Vulnerable in Algeria

ABDELLI Nassereddine, an Algerian Computer Science Student has reported a highly critical unauthorized access and password disclosure vulnerability in the routers provided by Algerie Telecom. Algerie Telecom provides TP-LINK TD-W8951ND routers to most of their customers which contain this vulnerability. Nassereddine found that this router allows access to an administrator interface page without any authorization […]

Carna Botnet

How big is the internet? How long would t take to scan the whole thing? These questions have been answered in The Internet Census 2012. Yes, someone took the time and effort to map the entire internet. But how? With a botnet of course! But this botnet was different. Normally, botnets consist of virus-infected computers […]