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Comcast’s XFINITY WiFi Woes Continue

Comcast’s XFINITY Wifi, the program designed to turn your Comcast router into a public hotspot for other Comcast subscribers has been taking a beating lately, as users are beginning to have questions about the system’s usefulness, security, and overall trust of Comcast. Michael Horowitz, writing in ComputerWorld provides a very good and in-depth analysis of […]

New Initiative for Open Wireless

After some of the backlash that Comcast has heard regarding their new program to turn all of their customers’ routers into open WiFi points, you’d think that people would be wary of trying to convince others that leaving a portion of their WiFi bandwidth completely open for others to use would be a bad idea. […]

Interesting Discussion on Open WiFi

Is running an open WiFi network and allowing anyone to connect to it anonymously really that big of a problem? After all, it’s a very neighborly thing to do, share your connection with others who might need it. But of course, there’s the danger that someone will do illegal things (e.g. traffic in child pornography, […]

Open WiFi and Child Porn Accusations

Child pornography is very bad. It’s illegal, immoral, and it preys on the most vulnerable in our society. People who engage in it get no sympathy at all when they’re caught. What’s worse than child pornography? Maybe being accused of trafficking in it when you’re completely innocent. It’s hard to think about it but it’s […]