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Kudos to Rogers! Well, almost…

Today I received a very interesting message from Rogers, our home Internet Service Provider that provided me with some amount of joy. For those who don’t know, Rogers is a large media conglomeration here in Canada that’s responsible for everything from providing wireless service to renaming SkyDome. The message I received from Rogers looked liked […]

Help! I have the Cisco-Rogers Problem

I’ve been asked by some people what they should do if they also have the Cisco DPC3825 modem/router issue from Rogers. Here’s what I’d suggest: 1. Determine if you have the problem Look at your modem and see if it’s made by Cisco. I know that Rogers also uses modems from Hitron and Scientific Atlanta, […]

New Cisco Vulnerability – My Personal Journey

Yesterday, Cisco announced that nine of their home networking products had a critical security vulnerability that needs to be fixed. The problem stems from a buffer overflow that allows incorrect validation of HTTP requests, and will allow a hacker to run arbitrary code on your device. This new Cisco vulnerability was officially disclosed by Cisco as well […]