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Ever since the discovery of the Linksys “Moon” worm that relies on HNAP, many people have been interested in this protocol. What is it? What is it vulnerable to? HNAP or Home Network Administration Protocol was developed by Pure Networks for their Network Magic product – a system to make managing home networks more easily. This […]

New Linksys Worm: “The Moon”

A new worm that propagates itself from router to router has been discovered by Security researcher Johannes B. Ullrich of the SANS Technology Institute. This Linksys worm was named “The Moon”  because it includes some basic HTML pages with images based on the movie “The Moon”. The worm takes advantage of vulnerabilities in several Linksys products, including  the models: […]

D-Link and HNAP

A new vulnerability has been found that allows hackers to view and control administrator settings on D-Link routers. The vulnerability appears to be from a bug made in the implementation of HNAP support for the device which allows an attacker to bypass all of the security on the device and have full administrator privileges. You […]