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Kudos to Rogers! Well, almost…

Today I received a very interesting message from Rogers, our home Internet Service Provider that provided me with some amount of joy. For those who don’t know, Rogers is a large media conglomeration here in Canada that’s responsible for everything from providing wireless service to renaming SkyDome. The message I received from Rogers looked liked […]

Enter Our Contest!

In support of Data Privacy Day, RouterCheck is sponsoring a contest to increase awareness of the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. The theme of the contest is Home network security is critical to keeping your data private. You may enter our contest as many times as you wish.  Winning entries can win the following prizes: […]

Visualizing RouterCheck Nation

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing data to see how we can make RouterCheck easier to use and more effective. One of the more interesting reports we can create is a visual representation of where our users come from. We like to think of this as “RouterCheck Nation”. RouterCheck Nation currently consists […]

Hacking Routers: Ready, Set, GO!

DefCon 22 is set to open today in Las Vegas, and that can only mean one thing: the contest for hacking routers, also known as SOHOpelessly Broken is set to begin. This contest, co-sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Independent Security Evaluators is set to pit the world’s greatest router hackers against each other […]

Watch Cyberattacks in Real Time

When we think about cyberattacks, it’s easy to think about a handful of dark individuals sitting in the shadows trying to break into high-profile computer systems. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it happens. There are lots of people trying to break into computer systems. LOTS of them. And they’re not all trying to break into […]

Shame Your Router?

Netgear is running a fairly interesting campaign for people to publicly shame their router. Read a little more on our blog, and it’s easy to find lots of examples of routers doing some pretty shameful things. Hopefully, this results in some vendors taking notice so that their products don’t end up here. #routershame Tweets