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Wifatch – The Router Trojan from Friendly Hackers?

Yesterday, cybersecurity firm Symantec reported on a new piece of malware called Linux.Wifatch that attacks Linux-based home routers. And by “attack” we mean that it patches security holes that it finds to make the routers safer. Hey, wait…. That’s right, this router malware does not modify the user’s DNS settings nor does it launch a distributed […]

Backdoor Found in Linksys Router

A new backdoor was found in the Linksys E4200 router by Jordan Bradley, a security researcher. This vulnerability allows anyone to gain access to the router’s administration interface without the need to login. The vulnerability is simply accessed by pointing a browser to port 8083. Doing so bypasses all authentication procedures and allows you to […]

Linksys/Netgear Backdoor Part 2

Remember the backdoor that was discovered in Linksys and Netgear routers a short time ago? Remember when they fixed it? Not so fast. It turns out that they didn’t fix it, they “fixed” it. Eloi Vanderbeken of Synacktiv Digital Security, the guy who found the original backdoor, has discovered that the “fix” simply hid the original […]

Joel’s Backdoor

A new vulnerability called Joel’s Backdoor has been found in D-Link routers that allows unauthenticated users to gain access to administrator functions. A terrific write-up of the discovery of this vulnerability can be found here. The vulnerability appears to affect the following D-Link routers DIR-100 DIR-120 DI-624S DI-524UP DI-604S DI-604UP DI-604+ TM-G5240 Additionally, several Planex routers […]