Kudos to Rogers! Well, almost…

Today I received a very interesting message from Rogers, our home Internet Service Provider that provided me with some amount of joy. For those who don’t know, Rogers is a large media conglomeration here in Canada that’s responsible for everything from providing wireless service to renaming SkyDome. The message I received from Rogers looked liked […]

Enter Our Contest!

In support of Data Privacy Day, RouterCheck is sponsoring a contest to increase awareness of the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. The theme of the contest is Home network security is critical to keeping your data private. You may enter our contest as many times as you wish.  Winning entries can win the following prizes: […]

Tracing the Cause of the Home Router Problem

If you’ve been following this website and blog you’ll know that it’s filled with information about vulnerabilities and other security problems in home routers. But how did we ever get ourselves into this position? It certainly doesn’t need to be this way. Why is home networking equipment so problematic? Instead of answering the question we’ll just […]

And Now the Experts Respond to Us!

A few days ago we wrote about the latest news of the FCC’s proposal to control how home routers are developed, and as a by-product, limit people’s ability to write and use third-party router software. This proposal was met with a response from members of the internet community who believe that the proposal would limit […]

RouterCheck Detects the Netgear Authentication Bypass

RouterCheck now detects the Netgear Authentication Bypass problem that was disclosed several days ago by Compass Security Schweiz Ltd. This is a serious problem that allows hackers to gain access to a router’s administration functionality without having to login. Several thousands of routers are believed to have been affected by a targeted attack against this vulnerability. […]

Wifatch – The Router Trojan from Friendly Hackers?

Yesterday, cybersecurity firm Symantec reported on a new piece of malware called Linux.Wifatch that attacks Linux-based home routers. And by “attack” we mean that it patches security holes that it finds to make the routers safer. Hey, wait…. That’s right, this router malware does not modify the user’s DNS settings nor does it launch a distributed […]