Are we really the hackers?

Many people ask us: “How do we know that YOU guys aren’t the hackers and that you’ll use what you find against me?”. That’s a valid question, and one we take seriously. However, with a little thought you’ll see where this idea breaks down.

Let’s say that we were hackers and wanted to learn about your network’s vulnerabilities. The LAST thing we’d do is build an app telling you that we’re going to check your router’s vulnerabilities. No, we’d build something completely innocuous that many people would download, such as a game. Once installed, the app could secretly look for vulnerabilities and send them over to some server. You’d never know that anything was happening. It could easily be done with Android permissions not unlike those that RouterCheck needs.

And by the way, RouterCheck asks for far fewer Android permissions than a typical Android app. This means that it has limited access to sensitive information. For example, it cannot determine your identity or the names of any of your user accounts. To see the complete list of Android permissions that we request, along with the detailed reasons for the requests, please see Understanding Android Permissions.

So could hackers really be behind an app? Of course!! There are lots of flashlight apps that not only light your way, but also steal your information. Don’t believe us – read this! We’ve put an awful lot of time, effort and money building this app and website. If we were trying to steal your private information, there are much simpler ways to go about it.

But wait, there’s more! If we were really hackers, why would we tell you which vulnerabilities we find in your router? And why would we help you fix these? Turn off Remote Administration, change the default admin password, close that port! If we were hackers, why would we tell you things to help keep us out?

The answer, of course, is that RouterCheck was designed to help you. There are loads of dangers out there with home networking. Take a quick look at our website to learn more if you aren’t sure. RouterCheck was designed to be very transparent. We tell you everything we’re going to do, and there are ways to verify what we say. And, we’ll help you fix your problems where we can.

If we still haven’t convinced you yet, shoot us a message and let us know why.