RouterCheck Now Supports Portrait Mode

Smartphone-Portrait-Mode-2You asked, we listened.

One of the great benefits of developing a tool like RouterCheck is getting feedback from our many users. We appreciate any feedback we get, but the majority falls into one of two groups:

  1. Thanks for such a great tool. I wasn’t aware of any vulnerabilities in my home network, but RouterCheck identified one and then helped me fix it. Thank you for helping me make my network more secure.
  2. Why is it stuck in Landscape mode??

To this we reply:

  1. That’s why we built it! We’re happy to help.
  2. Not any more!!

That’s right – as of RouterCheck V0.9.7, ┬áif you rotate your phone 90 degrees, you’ll find that RouterCheck will now go into Portrait Mode. So feel free to use RouterCheck in Landscape or Portrait Mode, whichever you prefer.

And keep the feedback coming. Let us know what you think of RouterCheck in Portrait Mode.