100K Brits Knocked Offline as Mirai Problem Continues

talk-talk-logo-_1361791aThe BBC is reporting that 100,00 customers of the British ISPs Talk Talk and Post Office have been knocked offline by an attack on their routers by a modified form of the Mirai worm. This is the same problem that recently affected the German ISP Deutsche Telekom which cause over 900,000 of its customers to lose their internet connectivity.

The ISPs have begun to offer solutions to their customers and believe that the problem has been contained. Users who are not yet back online are advised to reboot their routers to allow them to download the necessary updated firmware from the ISP.

In related news, a researcher speaking at the European Communications/Mobile Europe IoT Conference 2016 told his audience that we’re just starting to see the “tip of the iceberg”. Tony Gee, a Consultant at Pen Test Partners, said: “Mirai is actually a rubbish attack tool. It uses SSH and Telnet. Hardly any of these devices connect to the internet using SSH and Telnet.” He went on to explain that an attack tool like Mirai that attacked a device’s web interface could claim a much larger list of victims.

Users who are concerned about the security of their home networks are advised to download and run RouterCheck. Not only will it test many known configuration problems and vulnerabilities, but it will also check the status of port 7547, the port that’s known to be used in these recent attacks.