Beyond Router Security: Safe Public Browsing With a VPN Connection

There’s more to internet security than keeping your router safe. Today we bring you this guest blog post from Le VPN. If you’re considering getting a VPN, we recommend this company.

If you’re familiar with RouterCheck, you understand how vulnerable your home router can be. But what about routers in public spaces that offer free Wi-Fi? It’s temping, isn’t it? We see free connections at coffee shops, airports, and other common spaces. But how can you be sure these spaces are safe for browsing, streaming, downloading, etc.?

Consider a virtual private network connection — better known as a VPN.

A VPN offers a safe, secure connection, no matter whose Internet you’re using. Using vulnerable networks in common areas like the aforementioned coffee shop or airport suddenly become airtight, safe, and secure, when you use the power of a VPN connection.


The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Why exactly are public Wi-Fi connections more dangerous than your home connection? Consider the following:

  • Lack of Encryption: When you log onto your home Internet, you most likely enter a passphrase. This passphrase is part of encryption protection that keeps others from tracking on your activity. When you log onto free Wi-Fi that lacks this encryption, your online activity is suddenly available to others who are intent on monitoring it. The sites you visit, the forms you fill — everything is suddenly exposed.
  • Other Connected Devices: There’s danger in the other devices connected to a public Wi-Fi connection, too. If someone else is using a computer or mobile device that has been compromised, that compromised device poses a threat to you and your device.
  • Infected Hotspots: Not everyone who operates a public Wi-Fi connection is wise enough to use a tool like RouterCheck to protect their routers. That’s why some hotspots end up infected. Some hackers will even set up faux Wi-Fi connections in hopes of luring you to log on.

Evil Twins: The Immediate Threat

While public Wi-Fi has its risks, it comes with an “if” someone will abuse these vulnerabilities and steal your private information. Evil Twins, on the other hand, come with a guarantee that someone is working to steal your sensitive online information.

  • What is an Evil Twin? An evil twin is an imposter hotspot that appears to be a legitimate one – for example, Wi-Fi from an airport that has been set up to trick users to unknowingly connect. Once connected, users unknowingly expose their private information directly to hackers.
  • How Spot an Evil Twin? Evil twins will share the same name as a legitimate Wi-Fi hotspot, but will tend to have a stronger signal, as the hacking device can be near to the end user. When connected, you might notice small variants in the sites that you visit, or things like a commercial Wi-Fi hotspot not requiring payment.

These dangers should give all of us pause before taking advantage of free public Wi-Fi connections. But there’s a simple, affordable solution to enjoying safe and secure online access, no matter where you go and whose Internet connection you’re trying to use.

VPN: The Safe Solution

A VPN connection is the natural solution to the dangers posed by public Wi-Fi connections, including evil twins. A VPN hides your Internet identity and allows you to browse, stream, and download anonymously. Hackers intent on monitoring your information are thwarted by the privacy a VPN connection provides. Vulnerabilities to compromised devices on the same network won’t affect your device when it’s protected by a VPN connection, and infected hotspots can’t access your device and information.

In addition to the privacy benefits, a VPN connection also allows you to adjust your IP location to access media and content that may be restricted in your country and to avoid any censorship. The Internet was designed to be a safe channel for the free flow of information, and a VPN connection helps you enjoy an online experience that’s unfettered by the dangers of hacking and the inconveniences of media restrictions and censorship.

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