Great Article from The Wall Street Journal

wsjJennifer Valentino-Devries at The Wall Street Journal just published a great article that details the current state we’re in when it comes to consumer routers. As can be expected, that state is not so positive. The article lists some of the worst router vulnerabilities and hacks from the past few years including:

  • Misfortune Cookie
  • Spam-sending refrigerators
  • Polish banking customers
  • The Lizard Squad

The article is good in that it presents real information about the state of the art rather than just simply saying that consumers need to change their administrator password. It also presents the findings of tests run against 20 popular consumer routers to determine whether they support some basic security safeguards. As can be expected, the routers didn’t fare very well. Part of the tests consisted of communicating with the vendors and having them respond to some of the issues. As is normal, the vendors seemed to downplay their problems.

The article can be found at

As a bonus, an interesting companion video can be found here