Kudos to Rogers! Well, almost…

rogers-logoToday I received a very interesting message from Rogers, our home Internet Service Provider that provided me with some amount of joy. For those who don’t know, Rogers is a large media conglomeration here in Canada that’s responsible for everything from providing wireless service to renaming SkyDome.

The message I received from Rogers looked liked this:



They’re telling me that they’ve detected that my WiFi network is still using default settings and should be changed. My immediate reaction was:

Way to go Rogers!! Recognizing that a customer’s network is vulnerable and informing him about it is the first step to correcting the problem. This benefits Rogers, the customer, and all of us – good job.

But wait! How could it be that my network was that vulnerable, shouldn’t RouterCheck have detected this for me?

The answer is that what Rogers detected wasn’t even true. They did provide me with a modem/router which could be used to create a home network. But I’m not using it for this purpose, I’m simply using the modem. For routing functionality I’ve purchased a stand-alone router which gives me more flexibility and faster speeds. This router is well secured and locked down with strong passwords. I also routinely check it with RouterCheck to confirm that everything is safe.

So Rogers, you’re right that I never changed the WiFi password on your device, but it’s irrelevant since I’ve not only disabled WiFi on it, I’ve also put it into Bridge Mode. This means that hackers can’t even see this device so they won’t be able to attack it.

But I’m still impressed with the fact that you tried to help your customers remain secure. You could have detected that what you found was meaningless, but I’ll give you a pass on that anyway. Check out RouterCheck to see all of the other problems that we detect other than simple password issues. Your subscribers could benefit from all of these tests to help make their home networks more secure.