Visualizing RouterCheck Nation

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing data to see how we can make RouterCheck easier to use and more effective. One of the more interesting reports we can create is a visual representation of where our users come from. We like to think of this as “RouterCheck Nation”.

RouterCheck Nation currently consists of more than 12K of you living in 133 countries and territories. We’re happy to see such a global user base because the problem that RouterCheck deals with knows no borders. Here’s what RouterCheck Nation currently looks like:

2015-06-30 Reduced


Thank you to everyone who has joined RouterCheck Nation to try to help the internet become more secure and safe. We’d love to have you help us grow our community any way you are able to:

  • Encourage your friends and family to use RouterCheck to test out the security of their home network. When more people who use it, their routers will become secure and we all benefit.
  • RouterCheck is currently translated into 37 languages to help encourage worldwide use. However, most of the translation was done by machine so it’s less than perfect. If you could improve the RouterCheck translation for your language, send a note to