Announcing RouterCheck Support

RouterCheck SupportRouterCheck, the system that helps you find security problems with your home router has an exciting new feature: RouterCheck Support. RouterCheck Support is fully integrated into the RouterCheck app, and helps you fix the problems that RouterCheck has identified for your home network. It addresses an issue that many of our users have identified: once RouterCheck finds a problem, what do you do next?

RouterCheck Support is easy to use. After RouterCheck has checked your network, it shows you all of the problems that it has identified (e.g. the default administrator password is still in use or the router can be taken over remotely by a known vulnerability). For each of these problems, there is now a “Click to Fix” button. Pushing the button will seamlessly start up RouterCheck Support which will:

  • Explain the problem to you in easy-to-understand, jargon-free language.
  • Explain what the risks are of not fixing the problem.
  • Provide you with step-by-step instructions for how to fix the problem.

Since attacks against home routers is a global problem, RouterCheck support is available in the same 36 languages that RouterCheck supports.

Initial tests have shown that users have been using RouterCheck Support, and have been fixing the problems identified by RouterCheck. RouterCheck Support is available as part of the latest version of RouterCheck that is downloadable from Google Play.