Hacking Routers: Ready, Set, GO!

hacking routersDefCon 22 is set to open today in Las Vegas, and that can only mean one thing: the contest for hacking routers, also known as SOHOpelessly Broken is set to begin. This contest, co-sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Independent Security Evaluators is set to pit the world’s greatest router hackers against each other for cash, prizes, and most importantly, bragging rights. Already rumors of zero-day exploits have been circulating as contestants get ready to compete. The next few days will be exciting as we learn more about the current state of the security and insecurity of the home router segment.

Hacking Routers is Beginning to Draw Attention

Hackers have been attacking home routers for several years now, but this issue has only recently garnered any media attention. It’s interesting to see this contest begin to get significant media attention as more and more people learn about the issues with their home routers. Recently, we’ve seen this event covered in the following places:

What Happens Afterwards

While it will be interesting to see what happens during this contest, and what types of vulnerabilities people are able to uncover, the real interest will happen afterwards. The contest organizers do have an agenda of bringing the issues of home ┬árouter security to the forefront, but then what? Will this affect the behavior of router vendors? Will we begin to see mainstream publications begin to cover this topic? Will we as consumers begin to demand better products? That’s what we’re really waiting to see.