Help! I have the Cisco-Rogers Problem

rogers-logoI’ve been asked by some people what they should do if they also have the Cisco DPC3825 modem/router issue from Rogers. Here’s what I’d suggest:

1. Determine if you have the problem

Look at your modem and see if it’s made by Cisco. I know that Rogers also uses modems from Hitron and Scientific Atlanta, maybe others. If you have one of those, you’re home free. Otherwise, verify that it’s a DPC3825 – it should say that right under the Cisco logo. It will also look like the picture provided.

Cisco rogers problem

Cisco has fixed this issue by making new software for inside the modem, but there’s no way for you to apply that fix yourself. You need Rogers to do that for you, that’s the only way. Fortunately, they can do this remotely and don’t need to come to your house for this. Unfortunately, there’s no schedule for them to do it, or even IF they are going to do it.

2. Take a deep breath, things could be a lot worse.

No, really. I can tell you a lot about things that could be a lot worse.

3. Recognize that Rogers is not dealing with this properly.

I’ve yet to hear anyone from Rogers acknowledge a problem exists. There is a problem. I spoke with the manufacturer about it. It was all over Twitter yesterday. Well…. if you read the same Twitter feeds as I do.

This afternoon they censored a post I made on the Rogers Community Forums about this issue. They didn’t respond to me. They censored me. I have a blog guys, and you can’t censor that.

Their silence is frustrating.

4. Consider calling Rogers

I didn’t get anywhere, but maybe you will. You can mention my blog. You can mention the Cisco Security Advisory (

5. Consider swapping out your modem for a different one.

I haven’t tried this. Call them up and see if they’d do that.

6. Help get the word out so that others know that there’s a problem.

Share my posts on Facebook. Tweet the URLs. Tell your friends. Encourage them to do the same. You might even want to post something on the Rogers Community Forums. Hopefully if you do, you won’t get censored.

That’s all I’ve got. Hopefully this issue will be put to rest soon.