DNS Problem Knocks BT Users Offline

DNS Problem Knocks BT Users OfflineNicole Kobie of computer magazine PC Pro has reported that BT experienced a problem with their DNS servers on Saturday, effectively knocking a large number of their subscribers off of the internet. Many people were able to work around this DNS problem by changing the DNS setting on their routers from the BT servers to an open DNS server, such as Google or OpenDNS. However, subscribers who also used BT’s Home Hub Modem/Routers were unable to as the DNS settings are not a user-modifiable setting.

Issues like this simply reinforce the reasons why DNS settings are so important to a home network. BT’s decision to disable setting the DNS servers for their Home Hub customers really limits the control that people can have over their home network. On the other hand, by not allowing changes, hackers and malware are unable to modify it, which is good.