Hacking Into a Router …… In a Video Game??!!

Watch Dogs is a highly anticipated and successful video game that was recently released. In the first week of its availability it sold over 4 million copies.

In the game, players use third-person perspective to take control of a grey hat hacker vigilante who can hacks into various electronic devices to solve objectives given to the player. The hacking is performed from an in-game smartphone, which is equipped with multiple applications.

So what’s so interesting about this? Well, one of the steps involved in accomplishing an objective involves hacking into a router. Here’s a screenshot of the game

Hacking Into a Router

Okay, so why is this important? It is because five years ago it would have seemed ridiculous to talk about doing such a thing in such a mainstream arena. But the threat landscape has changed significantly, and now it doesn’t seem so out of place.

Maybe the people in charge of this building need to be running RouterCheck.