Article from PC Pro

pc proNicole Kobie writing for British computer magazine PC Pro has a great article about the dangers of home routers and the security issues that they cause. Articles like this are important as they’re able to inform more people as to the problems that they may encounter. A few interesting highlights:

  • Attacks are happening with more frequency because anti-virus software is making attacks on computers more difficult, and router security is so lax
  • Users who are the victims aren’t really to blame
  • An automatic update system for router firmware s proposed. We agree that that would be a great idea as users either won’t or can’t update their firmware on their own.

There was an interesting disagreement at the end as to what’s the best strategy for buying a router that stays secure. Some experts believe that a bare-bones router is best, while others think that you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, they all tend to agree that whichever route you go, the security is probably going to be pretty bad.

What do we suggest? Good hardware coupled with a good open sourced third party firmware. On top of that, constant vigilance as to the state of the device by using a tool such as RouterCheck.