Amazon Bans Router Company After Threats

AmazonWhich router is the best selling router in all of Linksys? D-Link? TP-LINK? Netgear? ASUS? Buffalo? ZyXEL? Certainly it has to be one of those.

How about Mediabridge?


Yup, Mediabridge has the number one selling router in all of Amazon. Well … had. They’re not allowed to sell there anymore.

Mediabridge is a small router company that focuses on the lower end, lower cost routers. So low cost that they sold a lot of them on Amazon.

Recently, an unhappy customer wrote a review of his Mediabride router giving it a single star out of five. This review shot to the top of Amazon’t ratings and became the “most useful” negative review on the site.

This did not sit well with Medabridge management who’s lawyers sent the reviewer a letter insisting that the review’s “untrue, damaging, and disparaging statements” be taken down. They further stated that:

“It’s our sincere belief that reasonable people understand that not only is it within our rights to take steps to protect our integrity, but that it should be expected that we would do so when it is recklessly attacked,”

Finally, the letter said that the reviewer would be sued if his review was not taken down. The reviewer did not abide by Mediabridge’s wishes. In fact he posted the letter he received to Reddit where he found that he received a lot of support against Mediabridge.

Unfortunately for Mediabridge, Amazon does not like to have the integrity of it’s reviews and reviewers questioned. It also does not like to have its customer threatened, and so it revoked Mediabridge’s license to sell on it’s site.

And the number one router? Well, right now it’s actually a D-Link.

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