Comcast Wants You to Run a Public WiFi Hotspot

Public WiFi HotspotComcast recently announced an aggressive plan to turn your home consumer modem/router into part of large scale nationwide network, and make it a public WiFi hotspot. Called xfinitywifi, the system will rely on a special gateway that Comcast will provide to their customers that will have two separate WiFi signals, one for the private home, and one for any xfinitywifi users who wish to connect when outside of their home. The service is quite similar to one run from British ISP BT and their BT Home Hub.

On the surface, such a system seems like a boon for Comcast users who will now have WiFi access wherever they go. However, it will be left to be seen if such a system will have any negative affects on the gateway’s bandwidth for the home user. It’s also left to be seen if there will be any gaping security holes that such a system will opn up.