Bringing down an ISP

Bringing down an ISPVery interesting article about how an attacker can bring down an entire ISP by replacing firmware in routers/modems. The authors did a good job explaining the context and threats that are out there. They also explained how a hacker could fairly easily find large blocks of people who were all subscribers of the same ISP or were in the same country. This is a real vulnerability because it’s how Hacks of Mass Destruction can really take place. Finally, they talked about the types of mischief that someone could get into after performing such an attack.

The one part of this article that we didn’t like so much was how they treated the actual attacks against the networking devices. This part was a bit of a “handwave”. Yes it’s true, you can replace a router’s firmware. But remotely? With no one being able to detect it? So that it stays replaced and doesn’t revert back on a reboot? That’s pretty difficult to do and not as easy as is implied here.

But all in all, still a very good article.