4.5M Brazilians Had Their Routers Hacked

Routers HackedThe news out of Brazil is not good. An attack that was recently launched against the major ISPs in the country has resulted in 4.5 million DSL modem / routers hacked. This has left a large portion of the Brazilian population with unreliable internet service.

The attack came about because of a vulnerability in the Broadcom chip that powered the compromised devices. This vulnerability allowed hackers to launch a CRSF attack and modify the DNS settings on the devices. Once the hackers had these routers pointed to DNS servers that they controlled, they used them to steal banking information and direct users to downloads that would infect their computers, thus allowing even more attacks.

The saddest part of the story is that the cleanup of such a disaster would be enormous, as each affected router would need to be updated with proper information. The hackers, on the other hand, made off with aboutĀ 100,000 Reais (approximately $50,000) and spent their ill-gotten gains on trips to Rio de Janeiro to hang out with prostitutes, as was documented in an IRC chat between some of the hackers.